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Breaking News for 2020

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Great News for Golden Horseshoe competitors. No more membership is required to participate in the Golden Horseshoe Western Dressage Shows! 

  • The GHWDC will be under new management and structure. GHWD is growing! 

  • Volunteers will no longer be requested. GHWD realizes your participation in showing is your priority. Come to the show, relax and have fun!  On that note all participants are expected to clean up after their horses and themselves as per usual. 

  • The GHWD will no longer require a membership base. This will increase the efficiency  of the show series and we will be able to grow the series to it's full potential.  Due to inflation and costs incurred there will be a slight increase in entry fees. 

  • GHWD wants you to be part of the 2020 show series by maintaining your participation at our fantastic competitions! Ancaster is the hotbed for Western Dressage in Canada. We have maintained record entries for one day competitions. 
  • All shows are now in paperless format.  No more test runners, scorers, and office staff needed. Just add the LiveScore App to your phone and you are good to go! Scores immediately received after your ride. 

  • ​Two Rings if entries warrant. Additional judges will be added. 

  • GHWD shows have been filling within 2 hours of the entries opening. Now, no more pressure to patiently wait for the link. You will be able to enter the show without being on a waiting list. 

  • Peripheral classes will be added to fill the second ring. ​​ All of the rings and warm-up area will be located in the new south ring with fantastic footing.  

  • ​ New Championship prizes for each show in 2020

  • The same competition arenas as will be used for the Western Dressage International Championships August 6-9 2020.